Solar Panel Repairs in Sydney’s West – No problem we can’t fix.


Have you recently noticed that your solar system isn’t generating as much electricity?

Is your inverter producing an error code or flashing lights?


Our accredited solar technicians are in western Sydney each day assisting with solar panel repairs, repairing solar inverters, general system check-ups, and solar panel maintenance in Western Sydney to ensure your panels are operating as well as they can be.

Our team of solar specialists work in Sydney’s western suburbs each day and are available to offer an onsite consultation to discuss what might be the issue with your solar system and an avenue on how to repair the system as efficiently and affordable as possible. If you’re in need of solar panel repairs or solar inverter repairs in western Sydney, don’t hesitate to give us a call today and book in a solar repair service.

Some of the most common solar repairs in western Sydney are caused by:

broken inverter icon

Broken Inverter

faulty solar meter icon

Faulty Meter

dirt and dust icon

Dirt & Dust

corrosion or weathering icon

Corrosion or Weathering

While some solar panels and inverters can be repaired quite quickly and easily, there are some solar system repairs that cannot wait and will require immediate attention in order to avoid major damage:

Tripping breaker icon

Tripping Circuit Breaker

poor wiring icon

Poor Wiring

Our team of qualified and accredited technicians will be able to solve your solar problems quickly and affordably so you can start saving money on your electricity bills again and feel good about doing your bit for the environment.

Call us or fill in the form on the right to book your SOLAR PANEL SAFETY AUDIT!


Need help keeping birds and rodents of your solar panels?

We offer installation of the VEXO Solar Mesh Guards, ask us about this when we come out!


How do we install the Solar Mesh Guards?

Pushing the Boundaries of Solar Inspections with Thermal Imaging Drones

We’re tapping into the capabilities of thermal imaging drones to bring a new level of detail to our solar system evaluations. These drones offer clear damage detection while also making life easier for our technicians and an even faster solar system inspection for you!

A grey thermal imaging drone used for solar system inspections

Booking a solar panel repair is simple

get in touch icon in the simple process plan
1. Get in touch with us

Our team will work with you to schedule an appointment for a solar system inspection.

inspect icon in the simple process plan
2. Inspect

We’ll inspect your solar system for faults, let you know any problems we find, and provide a quote to repair it.

residential solar repair icon
3. Restore

After our solar technicians have repaired your system, your solar system will be running as efficiently as possible.

Solar System Repairs FAQs

What should you do if your solar panels stop working?

If your solar panels aren’t lowering your bills as previously, or stop working altogether, you will need to contact your solar installer and have it inspected by a qualified professional. At Solar Water Wind, we’re well aware of the fact that there are many who can no longer get in touch with their solar installers due to the company shutting down, which is why we’ll be happy to take a look at your solar panels and provide a solution if you can’t get in touch with your solar provider. Call us for a quote on 0485 800 043.

How often do solar panels need to be repaired?

You should service your solar system at least once every five years. If you notice error codes on your inverter or your solar panels malfunctioning, you should get in touch with your solar installer immediately.

How much does it cost to repair a solar panel?

The cost of repairing your solar panels can vary depending on the issues and the system itself. Get in touch with us today for a quote on 0485 800 043.

Why would my solar system stop working?

Factors such as moisture seepage, rodents, and weather can all contribute to your solar panels malfunctioning. For your solar inverters, issues such as voltage problems and weather damage contribute to them no longer working properly.