Solar Panel Maintenance in Western Sydney

In order to keep your solar system and solar panels in Western Sydney operating safely and efficiently, it is important to carry out regular solar panel maintenance. If you have had panels installed in the last 5 years and have not serviced these, we thoroughly recommend a qualified technician carries out a complete solar service and safety audit of your panels to ensure your home is not at risk of serious damage.

Common issues which may affect the output of your system include:

dust and debris icon

Dust & Debris

water seepage icon

Water & Moisture Seepage

Vermin icon


The elements icon

The Elements (Hail, Wind & Sunlight)

We conduct solar panel maintenance in Western Sydney and ensure the following:

  • Your panels are clean and free of defects
  • All parts of the system, including wires, are in good working order (no damage, deterioration, or corrosion)
  • The vents are clean with no debris
  • All fittings and cables are securely attached
  • The inverter display panel is reviewed for recorded faults
  • Clear access to the isolator switches
  • Emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed
  • We can also install VEXO Solar Mesh Guards to keep birds & vermin out of the solar panels

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Solar Maintenance FAQs

How often should a solar system be serviced?

Your solar systems should be serviced every five years or as instructed by your solar provider.

How do you service a solar system?

Servicing a solar system will involve identifying all issues, and performing required adjustments or repairs.