Western Sydney Solar Inverter Repairs


Have you recently noticed that your inverter is displaying a flashing light, or an error message? Maybe it’s just completely stopped working and unable to turn on?

This means it’s time to get a professional to come and investigate the issue and likely, to repair the solar inverter.

Our accredited technicians that are based in Western Sydney can diagnose your inverter’s issues as well as provide complete solar repair services and general check-ups on the output of your solar system.

The most common inverter issues we come across are:

Tripping breaker icon

Tripping Circuit Breaker

solar inverter repair voltage issue icon

Voltage Issue

storm damage repair icon

Storm Damage

Solar Water Wind Western Sydney has been repairing inverters and installing and maintaining solar systems for 15 years. We are CEC accredited which means you can rely on a trusted technician to carry out your repairs and new solar installations and have helped hundreds of western Sydney locals generate solar energy and reduce electricity bills to $0.

We’re committed to preventing inverter fires

In addition to keeping your bills high, a solar inverter that isn’t working properly can even catch fire! A poor installation is the main cause of this happening. In order to ensure that the workmanship you receive is supported by our 15 years of expertise, we make sure that installations are carried out by our own employees and not by subcontractors. Sunlight, not fire, should be the source of heat you’re experiencing.

solar inverter after a fire
inverter after a fire

Pushing the Boundaries of Solar Inspections with Thermal Imaging Drones

We’re tapping into the capabilities of thermal imaging drones to bring a new level of detail to our solar system evaluations. These drones offer clear damage detection while also making life easier for our technicians and an even faster solar system inspection for you!

A grey thermal imaging drone used for solar system inspections

Call us or fill in the form on the right to book your solar panel safety audit and for all solar repairs.

Booking a solar inverter repair is simple

get in touch icon in the simple process plan
1. Get in touch with us

Our team will work with you to schedule an appointment for a solar inverter inspection.

inspect icon in the simple process plan
2. Inspect

We’ll inspect your solar inverter and let you know if it needs repairs or replacement and will provide you with a quote.

solar inverter repair icon
3. Restore

After our solar technicians have repaired your solar inverter, your solar system will be running as efficiently as possible.

Solar Inverter Repair FAQs

Can solar inverters be repaired?

Yes, solar inverter problems can be repaired. For more information, contact us today at 0485 800 043 to book a repair.

How much does it cost to repair or replace an inverter?

How much it will cost to repair or replace a solar inverter will vary, depending on which inverter you have and what types of problems need to be addressed. Get in touch with us at 0485 800 043 for more information.

What causes a solar inverter failure?

Weather damage, problems with voltage, and tripped circuit breakers can all factor into your solar inverter malfunctioning.

What should you do if your solar inverter stops working?

If you notice error codes, red, and yellow lights on the display of your solar inverter, it’s an indication of issues that need to be looked at by a professional immediately.